1. Securing Plesk 12 admin or higher with Lets Encrypt SSL

    How to secure Plesk 12 admin using Let's Encrypt

    For those unfamiliar with "Let's Encrypt" its an addon that comes integrated with newer versions of Plesk allowing one to encrypt any site and/ or subdomain with SSL for free. So of course lets start with taking the opportunity to secure your Plesk panel which should only take a few minutes if that.

    1) Log into Plesk. *

    If you're logging in under the IP address ie 123.123.133/etc you're doing it wrong. Instead choose the domain and port

    Login to Plesk

    This should take you to your plesk login screen.

    2) Goto domain plesk is on.

    For 1and1 users it looks something like


  2. Magento 2 on Linux with Plesk

    Manually adding Magento 2 to 1and1 Linux box with Plesk

    Added a Magento 2.0 template from Templatemonster of all places and ran into substantial problems even after making sure we were in full compliance with Magento 2’s prerequisites. If your planning on this venture there are a few things you need to know.

    Basics for Magento 2

    • MySql 5.6+ or greater
    • PHP 5.6.+ but NOT some of the 7+ packages so be cautious

    Link for Magento official prerequisites: Here

    These are for the basics for specifics please go to Magentos requirement page. If it caught you by suprise that some later packages as of this date are not compatable you’re certainly not alone. As we delve into this it becomes increasingly more resemblant of a beta and not a full fledged final software package.

    So lets take the template from templatemonster which is Protection Status