Pricefalls Marketplace Integrations

Pricefalls Marketplace is a relatively new and somewhat overlooked 3rd party catalog style marketplace where online retailers can list their products. Although it is fairly straight forward with a $19.99 dollar fee monthly and then a percentage of every sale much like the Amazon system we can happily say that this marketplace is indeed different than some others so not a complete "cookie cutter" approach as it were. For those looking into the catalog formula and maybe less and less into the cost per click advertising platforms available this really does appear to have a fully self contained shopping environment such as Amazon where the customer completes the entire transaction from beginning to end through the Pricefalls marketplace website however the actual payment goes directly and immediately to the retailer. Side note: Seems to date that fees are NOT taken out until monthly bill arrives from Pricefalls team. Lets Lay out the basic Pros and Cons to Pricefalls...


  • Paypal Integration / Instant Payyment
  • / Instant Payment
  • Fast Quality Design
  • Excellent state based customer support
  • Simple Menu system / Easy to use


  • Fees are just to high to warrant a monthly fee Traffic

Summary: Overall certainly worthwhile if you are looking for another 3rd party catalog to advertise on. The traffic is enough to look into this one. Like us to integrate Pricefalls into your online store?: Pricefalls Integration