Magento to Buyseasons

Integrate Buyseasons aka buyseasonsdirect datafeed directly into your Magento store. Automatically update inventory several times daily, remove outdated products and integrate new items.

Buyseasons is a large online wholeseller and drop shipper that has approximately 20,000 products at any given moment mostly pertaining to costumes and novelty products.

With a Magento store allow us to fully integrate their product feed directly into your database including everyrhing form Images to size charts and match those to your specific categories.

  • Full Buyseasons Catalog integration with all products imported into your online Magento storefront. Approximately 20,000 products at any given time
  • Full Buyseasons Details will also be integrated from pictures to descriptions and Sizing Charts. Videos and multiple imagesalso available on select products.
  • Attributes for sizing will be integrated on the fly into your Magento catalog. This means for example Small, Medium, and Large costumes would appear on one page with a dropdown for sizing choice
  • Order integration that is updated every 15 minutes seemlessly sending order information to Buyseasons and when orders are shipped retrieve said orders with tracking information. (EXTRA: Also send information to 3rd party sites if applicable)
  • Quantities updated hourly with buffering available of your choice. For example if 5 costumes are available you can choose to only show a quantity of 3... 20 items at 15 in stock...etc