Doba is a middleman company that offers an amazing assortment of products ( over two million and over an amazing array of categories) and will either wholesale or drop ship to you or directly to your customers. The technical and customer service support is unparalleled in the industry and the software is completely user friendly. The only downside is that Doba is a complete and utter waste of time and money with the absolute minimum cost yearly of about $700 dollars and the actual cost provided on products at least that we have compared (and yes we have) are certainly not wholesale prices .

We've all heard of snake oil salesmen and flim flam artist and the like. Doba is not a scam but certainly a company that is not setup to make any of their clients profitable in contrast to other wholesellers and drop shippers. They have aligned themselves up as a middleman to multiple distributers and offer to basically dropship your orders offerring the software and service for a fee of $59.95 a month Minimum.

Lets Lay out the basic Pros and Cons to Doba...


  • All Products
  • All Details
  • All Attributes
  • XML Orders
  • XML Quantities
  • Boasts over 2 million products available
  • Top notch Customer support
  • Software and integration including custom API integration
  • Simple and professional site to use
  • Amazon export files ready to go


  • Fees are preposterous
  • The overwhelming amount of products we have researched are not at wholesale levels.


This is one to avoid at all costs. It's a complete waste of time and resources in our humble opinion. This opinion has been vetted by many customers and documented thoroughly around the web with a quick Google search of "doba scam" being all that one would need. Quite simply if they offered real wholesale prices this may actually work, but quickly look at price list from DandH or Ingram Micro whom are two of the largest electronics distributors in the United stated in contrast to what Doba is offering to realize it's padding the numbers and charging you monthly to boot.