Amazon Asins from UPCs

ASIN stands for "Amazon Standard Identification Number" and acts very much like a UPC except that it is unique to Amazon and not unique to an actual product but really is unique to an actual Amazon AD. This is a crucial difference and one of the most overlooked opportunities on Amazon. Let 's just break it down simply. Lets say we have a particular toaster oven. It will have a UPC that is a unique identifier to that actual toaster. If you goto multiple appliance stores and look at that same toaster as you're shopping around the prices and description from multiple stores may vary however the UPC should still be unique. Now an ASIN is for the ad and not the product. This is the equivalent of going store to store and there is the same price, same description, and yes the same product. The ASIN is generated by an Amazon seller for a particular product. There are in many cases if not most multiple ASINS per UPC. Yes this means that for that toaster oven there maybe 5 or 6 different ads for the same product in the Amazon catalog. Confusing, maybe however it's a huge opportunity for sellers. If you're selling this said toaster oven and you upload an ad to Amazon tha's great and you're in the catalog, but please keep in mind there are 5 other ads already. The goal is to be on all of those ads as well. This is simple enough to research if you have a couple of products but absolutely a nightmare to accomplish manually if you have over a hundred. Also they change. When that new seller uploads an ad there is another that you need to be on to stay competitive. We offer an automated system that syncs in your UPCs with Amazons ASINS on a daily basis notifying you if there are more ads where they are and a step by step approval process to make sure the ad is appropriate. As soon as you have approved you now are on the new ads.