1. Magento to Buyseasons

    Integrate Buyseasons aka buyseasonsdirect datafeed directly into your Magento store. Automatically update inventory several times daily, remove outdated products and integrate new items.

    Buyseasons is a large online wholeseller and drop shipper that has approximately 20,000 products at any given moment mostly pertaining to costumes and novelty products.

    With a Magento store allow us to fully integrate their product feed directly into your database including everyrhing form Images to size charts and match those to your specific categories.

    • Full Buyseasons Catalog integration with all products imported into your online Magento storefront. Approximately 20,000 products at any given time
    • Full Buyseasons Details will also be integrated from pictures to descriptions and Sizing Charts. Videos and multiple imagesalso available on select products.
    • Attributes for sizing will be integrated on the fly into
  2. Setting up Buyseasons with Storegrab

    How to setup your Buyseasons account to sync with

    Getting started with Buyseasons integration is simple. This is a step by step instructional guide to help.

    1) Log into Storegrab App Website.

    Simply log into our Storegrab's secure application site with the username and password provided. The address is, to create an account with us simply purchase any of our software packages or give us a call.

    Login to Storegrab App Site

    2) Choose Vendors Category.

    From the left hand column menu please click on "Vendors > Overview".

    Vendors Options

    3) Choose Buyseasons from dropdown Menu.

    There should be a dropdown menu Protection Status