Amazon Asins Checker
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Amazon Asins Checker

This is an Amazon integration tool that programmatically pulls Asins from Amazons API system based upon UPCs allowing our customers the ability to go through every ad applicable and stay ahead of the competition while being on every applicable ad.

Amazon UPC to Asin Checker.

Daily updates to every UPC in your database that works with absolutely any website and or shopping cart. A seperate table is created that has absolutely nothing to do with other tables. This table is populated by products UPC from Magento, Oscommerce, Shopify, etc. on a daily basis.

Through the Amazon API daily your entire product list will be updated to make certain that every UPC is processed to see if there are new Amazon ASINS available and if the ASINS in your current database are still active (ie not merged or removed). New ASINS are added awaiting your approval and removed ads are removed from your database.

This basic and daily approach is the basis for successfully keeping up with competition so that you are of course on every Amazon offer for your products. This can potentially and realistically double, triple, or quadruple your Amazon presence. Now please keep in mind that these ASINS really do need to be approved by hand as faulty and even just poorly constructed Amazon ads should be avoided. Also at times there are offers for products which of course hold the same UPC but a variation of quantity, color, and other factors.

Now logging into Storegrab you can have our Asin Approval Checker do this simply and in real time with your database, our filtering software, and real time syncronization with each Amazon ad. Yes in real time with actual images and descriptions pulled in through the Amazon API.

Simply approve or disapprove ads with a simple click of the mouse and update for each UPC. This activates ads in your database and you now are up to date with every simgle competitor and competing ad on Amazon. The process is streamlined and simple to use with our propriatary software guiding the way. Please keep in mind all ads are stored on your database so at anytime if you choose to not utilize our software there is no obligation or storage of your actual ads on our server.

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